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For over 25 years we have immersed ourselves in various political and community outreach undertakings with the hope of informing the perspectives of the various stakeholders. We have a proven track record of connecting our proposed projects with the priorities of the community, resulting in a “win-win” for all involved.


Community Advocacy

With access to a broad network of key community leaders, we organize grassroots coalitions to advocate for candidates or companies. We implement community benefits by identifying relevant organizations that your company can partner with.

Confliction Resolution

Through outreach, dialogue and compromise, we have bridged gaps between companies and the community by developing strategies that offer differ perspectives on particular issues. We have a proven track record of accomplishing tasks that have seemed impossible.

Job Training

With our vast community relationships we can partner with companies to achieve positive outcomes for both our client and the community. We can assist with developing job training programs that build leadership alignment and enhance capabilities for the community.


As a key element of community relations, we organize all aspects of meetings and gatherings in order to engage and educate the public. We have a history of bridging the gap between companies and the community by initiating conversation that provide proven positive results.

Try Lock & Associates: Who We Are

We are committed to providing our clients with effective strategies that benefit both our client and our communities.

As a result of our long-standing personal connections to the community and recollection of a history, our commitment to benefiting and improving our community is based on an organic understanding of the concerns and needs of diverse constituencies.

We have worked on both local and national political campaigns in developing targeted outreach strategy plans geared towards informing, mobilizing and impacting our friends, colleagues and neighbors. We have proven to be successful in the outcomes of our clients.

We have also worked with developers and companies to engage and advise them on the needs of the community relating to specific and the best use of land improvements for neighborhoods and constituents.

The success of our community outreach strategies have had a vast and tangible impact on residents and enhanced their being engaged in a meaningful and substantive way.

Our efforts are shaping the public discourse regarding the economic development priorities of their communities while fulfilling the mission of our clients, both public and private.

Signatures for Retail Expansion Campaign
Door-to-Door Get Out The Vote Efforts
Successful Political Campaigns
Large Scale Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

Key Projects We Have Worked On


Fortune 500 Company

We developed a community Outreach campaign for the retail expansion into the District of Columbia.

We garnered community support to ensure that the stores were built.

We set up community meetings and evaluated the outcome of events and assessed areas of improvement.

We secured 13k+ signatures and provided letters of support to the city.

We forged a relationship between the company and the community that still exists today.


Utility Merger

After a previous unsuccessful attempt we were hired to provide community outreach support by way of a series of engagement endeavors which included petition signatures, one on one conversations with community leaders, and hearing testimonials.

We coordinated citywide canvassing and outreach efforts.

We bridged a gap within a divisive community by educating them on the benefits the merger would offer.


Political Campaigns

Over the past 25 years we have worked on various political campaigns while securing very positive results.

We have assisted candidates who were virtually unknown to their communities and helped them successful win their seats.

We have a tremendous amount of expertise and experience in the political arena.


Major Development Project

We led efforts to bridge the connection of the community and a major developer in efforts to build a community relationship to assist the Developer in securing a major contract.

We led several stakeholder meetings with key community leaders in an effort to present a winning bid for the proposed contract.

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